Bedside Book For Very Young Guests

By Albine Taylor
July 2001
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1-85776-5281
47 pages, illustrated
$21.95 hardcover

In this illustrated collection 'for very young children', Albine Taylor gives us a delightful mixture of her verses and tales, all eminently suitable for reading aloud, and with uncomplicated stories and themes that will appeal equally to an older generation doing the reading. The five short animal fables recall Aesop's world of innocent, wily or gullible creatures, with some enchanting new variations on the themes of the cat and the mouse, the mischievous monkey, and the slow but dependable tortoise. The stories are interleaved with simple verses on such universal childhood subjects as kittens, puddle, and the seasons, and both are perfectly complemented by the author's own illustrations.

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