Shiatsu for Your Horse

Enhance Your Horse's Wellbeing & Happiness

By Cathy Tindall
October 2005
Cadmos Equestrian
ISBN: 3861279150
176 pages, Illustrated


In recent years the benefits of massage, physiotherapy and other 'touch' therapies to horses has become much better appreciated. Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese therapy based on pressure and stretches, the benefits of which you can share with your horse, enhancing his wellbeing and happiness.

In the first part of this book the authors have set out to familiarize the reader with the basic principles and techniques necessary to give a Shiatsu treatment that any horse benefit from on a regular basis. However Cathy Tindall has found that once a student has a taste for the philosophy behind the treatment a search for more knowledge begins.

Therefore in the second part of the book some of the various diagnostic techniques and philosophies are explained. Finally in part 3, the reader cna go a little further into understanding the physiology and psychology of the horse to enhance the treatment he or she is able to give and expand equine knowledge.

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