Forlorn Hope
Soldier Radicals of the Seventeenth Century

By Antonia Southern
November 2001
The Book Guild Ltd., UK
ISBN: 1-85776-519-2
206 pages, illustrated
$40.50 hardcover


This book is the enthralling story of five men who volunteered to fight for Parliament during the English Civil War. Thomas and William Rainborough, Robert Lockyer, Edward Sexby and Richard Rumbold joined the New Model Army hoping to bring about a more just society. In their time this hope proved to be a forlorn one. Their courage and their ideals, however, have lived on, and most of their democratic aims are now reality. Historian Antonia Southern has brought these five English heroes-all but one of whom died for his beliefs-back to life, and draws readers into their hopes and struggles. She shows how radical religious and political ideas developed in the unlikely setting of an army and throws light upon the complicated events of a fascinating, turbulent era.

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