Eclipse of a Great Power
Modern Britain 1870-1992
2nd edition

By K. Robbins
Nov 1994
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582096111
488 pages
$62.50 Paper original

Editor's foreword.
Preface to the second edition.
List of maps.
Part One, 1870-1901. Framework of events. Prologue.
Part Two, 1901-1931.Framework of events.
Part Three, 1931-1956. Framework of events.
Part Four, 1956-1975. Framework of events.
Part Five, 1976-1992. Framework of events.
Compendium of information.

" Deals with politics, society, economy and culture, with regular `frameworks of events' to provide clear chronological underpinning for thematic chapters.
" The Second Edition includes a new section on Thatcherism - offering a balanced assessment.
" Examines the changing relationships between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland during the imperial and post-imperial phases, gives emphasis to the experiments and new directions attempted.
" Assesses the ambivalent relationship of this country with the European Community.

'A concise, balanced account of the past hundred years of British history, and as such bids fair to become a standard work.'
Times Higher Educational Supplement

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