The Colleges & University: A Photographic Essay

By Chris Andrews
December 2004
Chris Andrews Publications
ISBN: 0954033132
144 pages, 10 " x 10 "
$79.50 Hardcover

Oxford is one of the greatest cities in Europe. One of the foundation stones of Western Civilization, it has been for center of scholarship, pushing back the frontiers of knowledge. Oxford has made history and been shaped in its turn by the history of our continent and of our own country.

Inevitably, Oxford has been painted, photographed and written about, again and again, and this book shows why.

The city contains some of the greatest prizes of our architectural heritage, handsome and elegant buildings that mark the development of our culture. But it contains hidden charms as well as stately magnificence, and part of the attraction of this book is that it conveys so well the atmosphere of this remarkable city.

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