Feminist Perspectives on Ethics

By Elizabeth Porter
April 1999
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582356350
232 pages
$57.50 Paper Original

Feminist Perspectives on Ethics is a unique guide to the development of feminist thought on ethics and moral agency. Each chapter offers a survey of feminist debates on key areas: the nature of feminist ethics; intimate relationships; professional ethics; politics; sexual politics; abortion and reproductive choices. Importantly, the author draws on the range of ideological viewpoints that exist to demonstrate the rich diversity of feminism and also attempts to break down dualistic, discordant or simplistic understandings of ethics.

1. Women as Moral Agents
2. Changing Families
3. Diverse Sexualities
4. Abortion
5. Reproductive Choices
6. Pornography
7. Eco-feminism
8. Trust, Friendships and Feminist Coalitions

Features " Comprehensive and accessible. " Includes case studies and end of chapter summaries. " Draws on the range of theoretical debates that exist and encourages the reader to think critically. " Explores controversial topics such as abortion, pornography, just care and reproductive technology. " Features a glossary of key terms.

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