Enterprise of the English: An Appreciation
of English History in Verse


By: S.F. Sharp
December 2014
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781909716872
144 Pages
$19.95 Paper original


S.F. Sharp is an admirer of poetry and his native country of England in equal measure. In this epic poem he brings his two loves together in a celebration of English enterprise and achievement across the whole sweep of history. 'The history of England,' he writes, 'is a fascinating record of great enterprise. A small island off the coast of Europe by its own efforts became the greatest empire the world has even known, It also became the originator of social, technical, manufacturing and financial innovations that have transformed the world.'

In this charming and compelling labour of love, Sharp offers us an alternative way of looking at our history, and demonstrates that our native genius remains as alive today as ever it was in the past.