On Course for GCSE Maths:
Foundation & Intermediate Tiers
Summary & Practice Book

By Paul Metcalf et al.
February 2000
Nelson Thornes, UK
ISBN: 0-7487-4512-2
208 pages, illustrated
$22.95 paper original
Ages 14-16

This book has been written by examiners and endorsed by the AQA for use with their NEAB and SEG syllabuses. It will guide you through the syllabus and help you to prepare more effectively for tests and exams at the end of your course. The book follows the content of all AQA syllabuses, in 18 short clear topics: The rules of number. More number. Describing number. Application of number. The language of algebra. Making graphs. Using graphs. Using algebra. More using algebra. Angle properties. Length, area and volume. Symmetry and transformations. Shapes and solids. Triangles and quadrilaterals. Measurement and drawings. Collection and representation. Averages and spread. Probability.

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