Physics For You, Revised Edition
Revised National Curriculum Edition for GCSE

By Keith Johnson
December 2001
Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 0-7487-6236-1
400 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 9 "
$41.95 Paper Original

Contents: Units. Energy. Molecules. Expansion. Thermometers. The gas laws. Measuring heat. Conduction, convection, radiation. Changing state. Heat engines. Pushes and pulls. Density. Pressure. More about forces. Physics at work: Friction. Turning forces. Work, energy and power. Physics at work: Supplying electricity. Machines.

Velocity and acceleration. Physics at work: Sport. Momentum. The earth abnd beyond. Physics at work: Satellites. Waves. Light. Reflection. Curved mirrors. Refraction. Physics at work: fiber optics. Physics at work: lasers. Lenses. Optical instruments. Color. Physics at work: electromagnetic waves. Sound. Physics at work: ultrasonic echoes. Static electricity. Circuits. Heating effects of a current. Chemical effect of a current. Magnetism. Physics at work: magnets.

Magnetic effect of a current. Electromagnetic induction. Physics at work: in your home. Electron beams. Physics at work: in the office. Electronics. Communications. Radio. Radioactivity. Physics at work: Radioactive dating. How scientists work. Ideas and evidence. Famous names. History of inventions. Key skills. Doing your practical coursework. Revision techniques. Revision program. Revision checklist. Exam technique. Careers using physics. Check your math. Answers. Index.

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