Biology for You, Revised Edition
Revised National Curriculum Edition for GCSE

By Gareth Williams
June 2002
Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 0-7487-6232-9
400 pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$41.95 Paper Original

This textbook is designed as an introduction to the basic ideas of biology. These ideas show how living things are able to exist, from the smallest microbe to the largest whale, from the tiniest spore to the tallest tree. These ideas will also show how plants and animals interact with each other and with their environment, and how differences between living things are passed on to the next generation and how they can change with time. Contents: Life processes and cells. Humans as organisms. Plants as organisms. Variation, inheritance, evolution and biotechnology. Living things and their environment. Doing your course work. Suggestions for a revision program. Revision techniques. Exam techniques. Key skills. Careers. Index.

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