A Home Afloat
Living Aboard Vessels of All Shapes & Sizes

By Gary Cookson
December 2005
20/21 Publications
ISBN: 0975734601
112 pages, Illustrated, 8 ½ x 10 ½”
$57.50 Hardcover

Announcing the launch of a new book celebrating the diversity of living on the water.

Gary Cookson interviewed the owners of a variety of floating homes to find out why they chose to live afloat, what decisions they made to achieve their dream and discussed the pros and cons of the lifestyle. This book takes a peek through the portholes of some great floating homes. From permanently moored houseboats, to ships that are permanently traveling and everything in between. And just like their skippers and crew, they come in all shapes and sizes with budgets large and small.

Inside are homes based on historic ex-commercial cargo barges (both sailing and motor), narrowboats, tugs, sailing yachts, motor yachts, purpose-built houseboats, a floating log cabin and a look at floating homes of the future.

With over 300 color photographs of homes in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, the USA and Australia there is inspiration for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to live afloat.


Gary Cookson runs a busy graphic design studio in Melbourne and has spent many years living on ships as well as sailing and racing yachts.

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