How to Succeed in Exams & Assessments,
2nd edition


By: Kathleen MCmillan & Jonathan Weyers
February 2016
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273743798
192 Pages
$26.50 Paper original


Fully updated since publication in 2007, How to succeed in Exams & Assessments will allow a student to assess and address their particular weaknesses in revising, preparing for and succeeding in academic exams and assessments and delivers detailed tips, techniques and strategies to enable them to significantly improve their abilities and performance in time to make a difference.


Preface and acknowledgements

How to use this book


1. Succeeding in exams and assessments – understanding the processes involved in revision and exam-sitting

What markers are looking for

2. Assessment at university - How tests and examinations work

Physical & mental preparation

3. Physical and mental preparation – How to gear up for assessment and exam-sitting

Study styles

4. Your learning personality - How to identify and capitalise on your preferred learning style

5. Studying independently - How to organise yourself and develop good study habits

6. Study buddies - How to work with fellow-students to improve the revision experience

Time management

7. Time management - How to balance study, family, work and leisure when studying and revising

8. Creating a revision timetable - How to get yourself organised for exam study

Revision strategies

9. Focussing your preparation - How to make full use of learning objectives, past papers and other assessment information

10. Exploiting feedback - How to understand and learn from what lecturers write on your work

11. Consolodating your learning - How to revise effectively through active learning

12. Memory tips and techniques - how to develop tools and strategies to help remember information and ideas

Stress Management

13. Dealing positively with stress – How to cope with the pressures of university life

14. Combatting exam nerves - How to reduce anxiety and perform well under pressure

As the exam approaches

15. Exam strategies - how to ensure you have the appropriate tactics

16. Improving your exam performance - How to avoid common pitfalls

Tackling specific types of exam and assessment

17. Multiple-choice and short-answer questions - How to tackle short-answer formats

18. Numerical questions - How to approach quantitative problems

19. Essay-style assessments - How to maximise your marks

20. Tutorial Assessment – How to make your contribution count

21Assessments of practical and laboratory work – How to improve your marks

References and further reading