The Pulsating Voyage & Adventures
of a White Blood Cell

By Caspian Ashworth
December 2001
The Book Guild Ltd.
ISBN: 1-85776-670-9
120 pages, illustrated
$26.50 hardcover
Ages 7 and up


There can be few more magical worlds for the setting of an exciting adventure story than the interior of the human body. Theo is a young white blood cell, or T-lymphocyte, an officer cadet in the force that helps fight off viruses and disease in "The Body" of a female tennis player. As he takes his first command of a squadron, the Body unfortunately develops a sore throat and runny nose. The interplay with everyday ailments and the human immune systems make for a fascinating and informative read, without ever seeming like a school biology lesson. Theodyssey is a story containing an unusual mixture of adventure, excitement and education. It will be a useful addition to schools and children's sections of public libraries for its biological information.

About the author:
Caspian Ashworth was born in Bath, Somerset in 1969. He studied medical biochemistry at St. Andrew's University before completing his Ph.D. in cellular biology at Cambridge. He was an officer in the Royal Naval Reserve serving on Minesweeperse. Having previously worked in Harley Street, Caspian is now a clinical pharmacologist within the parmaceutical industry. His is married to his wife Lucy and lives in Arundel, Sussex.

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