Love & Old Age
Breaking the Taboo of Sex & the Elderly

By Cedric Mims
April 2003
Book Guild
ISBN: 1-85776-730-6
176 pages, 6 3/4 x 9 1/2"
$43.50 Hardcover


Aging is now the subject intense scientific research, as the number of old people increases dramatically. But amongst the many books about old age -- or the plentiful selection published about sex -- rarely are the two subjects combined. Cedric Mims has broken the taboo concerning sex and the elderly person and in this book he puts the topic firmly at center stage. Aimed not only at older people, but also at the young, who are the elderly of the future, this book charts the physical and mental changes that accompany aging and their influence on love and sex.

Written with authority and a welcome distinctness, this book addresses questions such as waning sex drive, age differences, starting up new relationships and the use of sex aids. Examples and anecdotes are scattered throughout, highlighting the wide range of topics covered, including "Six reasons why the male is the weaker sex" and "Sexual boredom stalks those who have grown old together." A comprehensive and invaluable book that breaks new ground in its frank study of sex and the elderly.

Cedric Mims studied zoology at University College London, before moving on to study medicine at Middlesex Hospital Medical School, graduating in 1952. During the following years he worked in the UK, Uganda, Australia and the USA, before becoming Professor of Microbiology at Guys Hospital Medical School. His focus has been on virology, infectious diseases and immunology.

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