Biology for the IB Diploma

By CJ Clegg
July 2007
Hodder Murray
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780340926529
448 pages, Illustrated, 7 1/2" x 9 3/4"
$92.50 Paper Original

Written specially for students following the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, Biology for the IB Diploma is a major new textbook covering the latest syllabus requirements for this experimental science.

Chapters are presented in syllabus order and their content reflects the necessary coverage of all core Topics and Options for students at both Standard and Higher levels. Throughout, the processes of science and something of its history are introduced selectively to illustrate the possibilities and limitations of science.

· Chapters open with a list of ‘Starting points’ that summarize essential concepts.
· Topics and Options coverage accurately reflects the Objectives and Action Verbs in which syllabus assessment statements are phrased.
· Material for Standard level and Higher level is clearly identified.
· Text is written in straightforward language with key terms simply defined, and examples are drawn from a wide range of international sources.
· Main sections specify the syllabus sub-topic being addressed, making links between the text and syllabus content self-evident.
· Photographs, electron micrographs and full-color illustrations complement the text, and illustrate principles and processes in context.
· Self-assessment questions and typical exam questions aid comprehension and familiarize students with the syllabus requirements, improving exam performance.
· Links to Theory of Knowledge provide opportunities for cross-curriculum study.
· Extension boxes broaden information beyond the core requirements.
· Includes a chapter on the integration of theory with practicals and projects and their presentation for Internal Assessment, written by a guest author, Gary Seston, an experienced IB teacher and examiner.
· The glossary provides an invaluable reference for students.

Table of Contents:


Syllabus matching grid

1 Cells, the building blocks

2 The chemistry of life

3 Energy transfer in cells

4 Genetics

5 Genetic engineering and biotechnology

6 Ecology, evolution and biodiversity

7 Human physiology, health and reproduction

8 Nucleic acids and proteins

9 Energy transfer in cells II

10 Genetics II

11 Human physiology, health and reproduction II

12 Plant science

13 Human nutrition and health

14 Exercise physiology

15 Cells and energy

16 Evolution

17 Neurobiology and behavior

18 Microbiology and biotechnology

19 Ecology and conservation

20 Further human physiology

21 Statistics

22 Teaching and learning IB Biology

Answers to self-assessment questions




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