Personal & Social Education, Volumes 1-5
An Integrated Programme

By Mary Gurney
Ages: 13-17
December 1998
Nelson-Thornes UK
156 pages, illustrated
$132.50 each, paper

VOLUME 1: ISBN: 0-7487-3076-1
VOLUME 2: ISBN: 0-7487-3075-3
VOLUME 3: ISBN: 0-7487-3074-5
VOLUME 4: ISBN: 0-7487-3073-7
VOLUME 5: ISBN: 0-7487-3072-0

Personal and Social Education: An Integrated Programme is a completely revised and updated edition of the successful five year, five-volume PSE Programme series. The Programme still follows four main themes - personal management, health and safety, personal relationships and social awareness - which are developed through individual topics.

All topics have been reviewed and updated where relevant, and all-new topics added for this edition. This new material is based on practical experience and extensive trialing. The accompanying teacher information units have also been revised. The Programme remains a flexible resource that can be easily adapted for use within a timetabled PSE programme - in a tutor period or integrated within the subjects of the National Curriculum.

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