Brilliant Mindfulness [Contains CD-ROM]
How the Mindful Approach Can Help You Towards a Better Life

By Cheryl A. Rezek
December 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273774136
173 pages, Illustrated
$33.50 paper original

Mindfulness has gained huge support over the past decade and has moved from being an Eastern Buddhist practice to a mainstream Western intervention. Extensive neuro-imaging research shows how effective it can be for psychological wellbeing as well as for physical health conditions such as hypertension, chronic heart failure, stress and symptoms associated with cancer, arthritis and many others.

Written by an experienced clinical psychologist who has incorporated mindfulness into her clinical work for many decades, this book is scientifically supported and explains what all the latest scientific studies have shown about the benefits of mindfulness. Accessible to the beginner, it gives you what you need to know, quickly and in the most easily absorbed way. Concepts are presented in concise sections each with a specific purpose and illustrations will help you learn the different meditation positions. A CD is included which offers you the opportunity to read and listen.



About the author

How to use this book.

Chapter 1 Jumping off the hamster wheel.

Chapter 2 From mountain tops to the laboratory: the science of stress and mindfulness.

Chapter 3 The mind-body connection.

Chapter 4 Mindful movement.

Chapter 5 Keep breathing: steadying monkey mind.

Chapter 6 Taking care of yourself.

Chapter 7 Managing difficult times.

Chapter 8 Keeping it going.


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