Flying Model Helicopters, 2nd ed.

By Dave Day
March 2001
Nexus, UK
ISBN: 1-85486-203-0
191 Pages, Illustrated
$26.50 paper original

The continuing development of radio controlled model helicopters over the past few years has led to great sophistication. The actual flying of a model with modem radio equipment is easier, yet the process of flying has not changed a great deal, and the setting up process becomes increasingly complex. The author takes the reader from basics to competition through a series of chapters that include: Types of models. Pitch & throttle relationship. Motors. Modes & trays. Radio control equipment. Balancing. Gyrostabilizers. Hovering. First circuits. Advanced circuits. Advanced hovering. Auto-rotation. Introductory and advanced aerobatics. Contests. Do's and don'ts.

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