Brilliant Flash Professional CS5

By Steve Johnson
July 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273740636
565 pages, Illustrated
$57.50 Paper Original

Flash CS5 is a quick and easy answer for developing rich web content and applications. Users can easily integrate and add interactivity with tools, develop content using pre-built components and effectively improve authoring capabilities with custom extensions. Flash CSX offers readers a fast, visual way to solve their Flash CS5 problems and get work done creatively and with increased efficiency. Brilliant Flash CS5 covers all the important tasks and concepts using clear, step-by-step instructions with accompanying 4 colour visuals.

Brilliant Flash CS5 contains:

  • A new features icon
  • A troubleshooting guide to help solve common problems
  • Real world examples to show why readers would want to perform a task
  • Workshops to help readers put together individual tasks into projects
  • ACE objectives to prepare readers for ACE qualification
  • Example files and additional workshops online at

Brilliant Features:

· Detailed index and troubleshooting guide to help you find exactly what you need to know

· Each task is presented on one or two pages

· Numbered steps guide you through each task or problem

· Numerous screenshots illustrate each step

· “See Also …” boxes point you to related tasks and information in the book

· “Did you know ?...” sections alert you to relevant expert tips, tricks and advice

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