Northern Countries from AD 1000

By N. McCord & R. Thompson
Oct 1998
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 058249334X
480 pages, Illustrated
$87.50 Paper original

This study explores the history of the northern borders of Britain - including the historic counties of Northumberland, Cumberland, Durham, Westmorland and the Furness areas of Lancashire.

1. The Early Medieval North.
2. Early Medieval Society in the North.
3. The Later Medieval North.
4. The Tudor North.
5. The Church in the Late Medieval and Tudor Periods.
6. Northern Society and Economy.
7. After the Union of the Crowns.
8. Religion and Philanthropy.
9. The Agricultural Economy.
10. Communications and Transport.
11. Coal-Mining and Related Developments.
12. Other Aspects of the Regional Economy.
13. Northern Towns.
14. Continuity and Change.
15. Industrial Revolution.
16. Transport, Agriculture and Services.
17. Society and Government.
18. Social Changes.
19. Post-War Economic and Social Problems.
20. Inter-War Social Improvement.
21. After the Second World War.

• Considers every aspect of this area, from the tiny towns and upland farms of early modern Cumbria to life in the expanding communities of late Victorian Tyneside.
• Covers the period of industrialization comparing the contrasting experiences of the North-east and the rural North-west.
• The final chapters review the modern decline of traditional industries in the North-east and the erosion of many of the region's historical characteristics.

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