Requirements Analysis &
System Design, 2nd edition
[Included CD-ROM]

By Leszek Maceiaszek
December 2004
Addison Wesley / Pearson Education Limited
ISBN: 0321204646
504 pages, Illustrated
$99.50 Paper Original


Requirements Analysis & System Design with CD is suitable for both computer science and information systems curricula, as well as practitioners working on OO software projects (for whom the author runs regular training courses). Software development takes place in three stages: analysis, design and programming.

This second edition describes the methods and techniques used in the first two of these stages, emphasizing object-oriented techniques that can be applied to the development of large-scale applications and capitalizing on the popularity of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and the latest software production technologies. The text teaches by example throughout. Separate chapters are dedicated to a guided tutorial in analysis and in design.

Four application areas are discussed to help explain independent topics, and these build into running case studies through the book. A fifth application is described in end-of-chapter exercises and can be used to formulate student assignments or specifications for a larger project. Throughout, the principles, methods and techniques of good analysis and design are covered. Design is not treated as simply a transformation from good analysis, but as a complex "value-added" mapping of models that can result in a successful implementation. The difficulties and intricacies of large-scale OO development are acknowledged and the reader is given a balanced blend of practical explanation and theoretical insight.

Contents for case studies
Guided tour
1 The Software Process
2 Requirements Determination
3 Objects and Object Modeling
4 Requirements Specification
5 Moving from Analysis to Design
6 System Architecture and Program Design
7 User Interface Design
8 Persistence and Database Design
9 Testing and Change Management
10 Tutorial-style Review and Reinforcement

" Several carefully integrated case studies and tutorials help students learn by example and have been taken from variety of domains including online shopping, advertising expenditure, contact management, time logging, telemarketing, university enrolment and video store
" Gives special attention to the design phase. Design is not treated as a straightforward transformation from analysis and it acknowledges the difficulties and intricacies of large-scale client/server system development
" Links theoretical concepts to software development practices by presenting practical problems and limitations that require consideration when applying the approach 'in the field'
" Contains chapters on the fundamentals of Requirements Analysis and System Design for readers that need more technical foundations
" Includes web-based supplements that provide presentation material and examples for instructors and self-evaluation material for students. Special features include model files for Rational Rose, Magic Draw and Power Designer, solutions to exercises and case studies, and examination test bank
" Relates theory to reality (with practical problems and limitations that would be addressed in the real world)
" Pays special attention to the design phase (acknowledging the difficulties and intricacies of large-scale systems development)
" Provides numerous nontrivial examples and exercises to support the theory

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