Improve Your Maths!

By Gordon Bancroft & Mike Fletcher
May 1998
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0201331306
216 pages
$69.50 Hardcover

Improve Your Maths is a practical a friendly guide for anyone who wants to develop elementary and essential mathematical skills, either for their course or for use in everyday life. Concentrating on basic numeracy, statistics, graphs and algebra, the book uses clear and relevant examples to teach the maths that everyone needs.

Section A: Numbers Arithmetic Operations Fractions and Decimals Percentages and Ratios Powers and Roots
Section B: Pictures Tables Charts Co-ordinates Graphs Averages Spread Correlation Probability
Section C: Statistics Averages Spread Correlation Probability
Section D: Algebra Simple Algebra Linear Equations Simultaneous Equations Quadratic Equations

Features " Serves equally well as a self-study course, classroom text or ready-reference guide. " Informal and user-friendly throughout. " Complete self-study units. " Start-of-chapter objectives and end-of-chapter self-assessment questions. " Numerous fully-worked examples.

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