Concept of a Plural Society

By Nigel Walshe
December 2005
Book Guild
ISBN: 1857769473
63 pages, 5 ½ x 8 ¾”
$21.95 Hardcover

Where have political theories gone wrong? In an age of creeping authoritarianism, both from the left and from the right, the issues faced in The Concept of the Plural Society are more relevant than ever. What is the proper relationship between the state and free associations such as political parties, trade unions and voluntary organizations? How can socialism and democracy be reconciled? How does the power to deselect MPs and the methods used by political parties to choose their leaders affect democracy? With varied and critical allusions to the works of Herbert Marcuse, V A Tumanov, Enoch Powell and Otto Rank, Nigel Walshe pleads for a recognition of the essential independence from the state of free associations and sets out the criteria for a free society.

The Concept of the Pluralist Society is not just about politics and law -- it extends to psychoanalysis and economics, and is essential reading for anyone concerned with the state of government today.

Proper Relationships & Category Mistakes
Legal & Constitutional Status
Re-Selection & De-Selection
Monetarism & Intuitionalism

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