Ireland & the Politics of Change

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Edited by William Crotty & David Schmitt
October 1998
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582328942
264 pages
$77.50 Hardcover


Ireland and the Politics of Change provides a timely assessment of the fundamental changes that have occurred in Irish society over the last several decades from the standpoint of their political significance. There is a particular concern with the leadership role of government and other political institutions in stimulating, managing and responding to the changes taking place that are of fundamental importance to understanding contemporary politics and today's Ireland in the world community.

Considerable social, economic, demographic and international change has taken place within Ireland (and Northern Ireland) and without in relation to the rest of the world, and particularly in response to the association with the European Union. Ireland and the Politics of Change examines institutional developments, economic forces, demographic and attitudinal profiles and group-based (religious, gender, class) concerns as they have evolved and assesses their significance for policy enactment and political representation.

1: Democratization and political development in Ireland - William Crotty 2: The dynamics of economic change - Jonathan Haughton 3: Progress or decline? Demographic change in political context - Tony Fahey 4: Changing Values - Niamh Hardiman and Christopher Whelan 5: Religion, ethnic identity and the Protestant minority in the Republic - John Coakley 6: The changing role of women - Yvonne Galligan 7: Inequality and the representation of interests - Niamh Hardiman 8: Patriots and republicans: an Irish evolution - Tom Garvin 9: Ireland and the growth of international governance - Brigid Laffan and Rory O'Donnell 10: Peace Processes and communalism in Northern Ireland - Joseph Ruane and Jennifer Todd 11: Northern Ireland: international and north-south issues - Adrian Guelke 12: Conclusion: continuity, change and challenge - David E Schmitt

Features " Examines the restructuring of the Irish economy and its consequences for the modern Irish state. " Discusses the evolution of social and religious values and their political ramifications. " Highlights the role of the Catholic Church and its changing relationship to Irish society and governmental power. " Analyses political decision making in Ireland and the quality of representativeness of Irish political institutions. " Explores policy formation and efforts to promote a lasting peace within Northern Ireland.

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