Britain in the Depression, 2nd edition
Society & Politics 1929-39

By John Stevenson & Chris Cook
November 1994
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582229413
336 pages
$57.50 Paper Original


The 1930s - remembered as the decade of dole queues and hunger marches, mass unemployment, the means test, and the rise of fascism - also saw the development of new industries, the growth of comfortable suburbia, and rising standards of living for many. The authors look behind the legends for an objective - and timely - reassessment, as Britain again struggles with the economic and spiritual ills of recession, depression and unemployment.

Preface and Acknowledgements. Introduction to the new edition. 1. Myth and reality: Britain in the 1930s. 2. The dawn of affluence. 3. The hungry thirties. 4. The problem of unemployment. 5. The impact of unemployment. 6. The General Election of 1931. 7. Politics and the people, 1931-5. 8. The Communist Party. 9. The National Unemployed Worker's Movement. 10. Hunger marches and demonstrations. 11. The Fascist challenge. 12. The government and public order. 13. The General Election of 1935. 14. The revolution that never was. Statistical Appendix. Bibliography. Index.

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