Smith & Keenan's English Law, 17th edition

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By Charles Wild & Stuart Weinstein
November 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781408295274
975 Pages
$99.50 Paper Original


Have you ever wondered what exactly constitutes an unwritten constitution? What your rights are as an employee? When a contractual agreement is binding?

Well-known for its uniquely comprehensive coverage of the legal system and the main, substantive areas of English law, Smith and Keenan’s English Law is the definitive introduction to the law of the land and an all-purpose reference guide for students and professionals alike.


Part 1 The english legal system

1. The nature and development of English law

2. The unwritten constitution

3. The law-making process: legislation and case law

4. The courts of law

5. Other courts, tribunals and judicial review

6. Alternative Dispute Resolution

7. The main legal professions

8. Legal services

9. Criminal procedure

10. Civil procedure

11. The Human Rights Act

12. Persons and the Crown

Part 2 European union law

13. The legislative organs of the European Union

14. Sources of European Union law

15. Jurisdiction in personam: the Brussels regime

Part 3 The law of contract

16. Making the contract I: offer and acceptance

17. Making the contract II: consideration and estoppel

18. Making the contract III: formalities and capacity

19. Reality of consent: mistake, misrepresentation and duress

20. Contractual terms

21. Exclusion clauses and other unfair terms

22. Illegality, public policy and competition law

23. Discharge of contract

24. Remedies and limitation of actions

Part 4 The law of torts

25. The law of torts: general principles

26. Tort of negligence

27. Torts relating to property

28. Miscellaneous torts

29. Defences and remedies in tort

Part 5 The law of property

30. The law of property

Part 6 Criminal law

31. Criminal law: general principles

32. Specific offences

33. Age and responsibility: general defences

Part 7 Employment law

34. The contract of employment

35. Workplace discrimination

36. Termination of contract of employment Part 8 Cases and materials