Healing Power of Champagne
History, Traditions, Biology & Diet

By Tran Ky & F. Drouard
November 2006
Savoir-Boire Ltd UK
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780955410505
156 pages, Illustrated, 8 x 11"
$69.50 Hardcover

While books about wine and champagne abound, this particular work addresses a somewhat more unusual aspect of the beverage, not as a mood-enhancing tipple, but as a remedy. A recurring theme ever since wine was invented.

Dr Tran Ky and Dr F Drouard review the science of this wonderful mechanism, this quasialchemic process, whereby the many and multiple beneficial active molecules of a good champagne interact at the most basic cellular level with our affected organs to remedy the ailments which afflict occasionally all of us.

The book includes chapters on: Champagne Past and Present; A brief history of the medical use of champagne; Stimulation of Desire; Obesity and Cellulite; Appetite Loss; Arterial Stenosis; Migraine; Insomnia; and Depression and Anxiety. This publication has received the Gourmand Cookbook Award and will be reviewed in the national and specialist press.

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