Edexcel GCSE Modern World History
Revision Guide

By Steve Waugh & Ben Walsh
October 2010
Hodder Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780340992210
140 pages, Illustrated
$22.95 Paper original

Succeed at Edexcel GCSE Modern World History with this active and effective approach to revision and examination skills. This guide provides all the key content of the Edexcel course, focussed on the requirements and skills needed in your exams.

And with exam tips and active revision tasks, you will be on track to reach or exceed your target grade.

  • Comprehensive specification coverage with active revision tasks throughout
  • Exam tips throughout to keep students on track with the exam requirements
  • Written by examiners

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Peace and War: International Relations 1900-91
Chapter 1: Why did war break out? International rivalry 1900-14
Chapter 2: The peace settlement: 1918-28
Chapter 3: Why did war break out? International relations 1929-39
Chapter 4: How did the Cold War develop? 1943-56
Chapter 5: Three Cold War crises: Berlin, Cuba and Czechoslovakia c1957-69
Chapter 6: Why did the Cold War end? The invasion of Afghanistan to the collapse of the Soviet Union
Unit 2: Modern World Depth Study
Chapter 7: Germany 1918-39
Chapter 8: Russia 1917-39
Chapter 9: The USA 1919-41
Unit 3: Modern World Source Enquiry
Chapter 10: War and the transformation of British society c1903-28
Chapter 11: War and the transofrmation of British society c1931-51
Chapter 12: A divided union? The USA 1945-70

About the Author(s):
Ben Walsh is an experienced GCSE history teacher, a senior examiner with a major examination board, a best-selling author and a celebrated expert in the use of digital technology in history teaching.

He taught AQA Modern World History for many years Stafford College.

As well as writing best selling books for GCSE Modern World History he has been the key developer of the highly praised Learning Curve online exhibitions for the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) and he has blazed a trail in the use of digital video archives in the teaching of GCSE history.
Steve Waugh is an experienced author and a principal examiner for Edexcel Modern World History GCSE and History IGCSE.

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