Glossary of Conservation III

By Mireia Xarrie
February 2006
ISBN: 8489321035
189 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$49.50 Paper Original

This is a comprehensive information source for art historians, artists, curators, conservators, restorers, art dealers, auctioneers and art collectors.

Contents include:

Abrasive, absolute alcohol, accession, acetic acid, acetone, acrylic resin, adhesion, adhesive binding, adobe, agar, alabaster, albumen, alburnum, alizarin(e), alkali, alteration, alumina, amber, ammaltare, ammannitura, analysis, anhydrous, aniline, animal skin, antimony, authenticity, authentification, balsam, base, batik, bedacryl, benzol, binder, blister, blotting paper, bolus, borax, boric acid, brush, buckling, burnishing, butteratura, calamus, calcina sfiorata, calibration, camaieu, cambium, cambric, capillarity, carbolic acid, carbonatation, carborundum, carboxylic acid, carnauba wax, carpenter’s glue, case, cassiterite, catalyst, cellulose acetate, cement, centina, certificate program, cestrum, cirage, citric acid, claim, clamp (wood), clippings, cloisonné, cochineal, colophony, combination flight, chain fall, chlorine, chloroform, damask, dammar resin, destructive distillation, dew point, dissolution, distilled water, dolomite, drying oil, egg white, egyptian blue, emery, essence, etching, ethanol, ethics, ethnology, fiber, flour paste, formica, frame, furring, gallery guides, gallery talk, gas chamber, gelatine, gloss, glycerine, grisaille, grout, guide, hard copy, historic site, humidification, hydrogen peroxide, hydrophilic substances, imprimatura, in-service training, indian yellow, inert material, inpainting, join elements, justaposed brushstrokes, keratin, keyboard, lead-tin yellow, left brain, loom, mahogany (African), mahogany (American), mastic  resin, moiré, naphtha, open storage, original order, overblow, painting restorer, pine (ponderosa), polyester, preparator, radiography, resins (synthetic), saliva, shellac, silk, strainer, terpene, thinner, tochlorine, traffic flow, turpentine resin, two-by-four, undergraduate student, UNESCO Convention, VALS, vegetable glue, vulpex, warden, wayfinder, weave emphasis, zinc yellow.

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