Glossary of Conservation II

By Mireia Xarrie
January 2006
ISBN: 8489321027
189 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$49.50 Paper Original

This is a comprehensive information source for art historians, artists, curators, conservators, restorers, art dealers, auctioneers and art collectors.

Contents include:

Absolute humidity, absorption, acid, acqua regia, acrylic, alla prima (painting),anisotropic, bactericide, barium hydroxide, bees-wax, biocide, bloom, bozzetto, brillo,brining brossatura, buffer material, calcium hydroxide, calcium sulfate, caldarella, campire-to paint the background, carbon dioxide, carbowax, cedar of lebanon, compactor storage, condensation polymerization, condition, conifer, consolidant, copolymer, copper, crackle creosote,cross-section, cupping, cyanoacrylate, cypress, chiaroscuro, chloramine T, dead colour, dispersion, dyeing, elasticity, embrittlement, etching ground, ether, ethyl acetate, ethylic acid, fatty acid, fillet, fixative, flaking, formic acid, fresco secco, fungicide, gel, glycerol, gold, gum, hemp, humidity, hygrometer, hygroscopic, inorganic materials, insecticides, japanese paper, japanese wax, jute , kaolin, kraft paper, latten, lead, lead white, lime, lime water, lithography, loctite, madder, methyl  bromide, microcrystalline wax, mineral spirits, minium , moisture equilibrium, mordant, nail, nitric acid, nomenclature, oil, ox-gall, oxalic acid, ph, pontata, poplar, psychrometer, pyridine, red chalk, solution, solvent,specific moisture reservoir, stacco, standard facility report, staple, substrate, thermohygrograph, thermosetting, thymol, titanium dioxide, tratteggio, turpentine, viscosity, warp, wax, weave, wedge, white spirit, whiting, xylene, yarn.

Glossary of Conservation II
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