Glossary of Conservation I

By Mireia Xarrie
November 2005
ISBN: 8489321019
179 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$49.50 Paper Original

"Glossary of Conservation 1" is a glossary/dictionary providing not only definitions of conservation and restoration terms, but also references from a wide range of sources.

The author has researched various bibliographical sources and arranged all of the renowned experts' definitions in alphabetical order. The result is this first volume, an indispensable reference tool for professionals in the world of art and conservation, containing material from both English and Spanish sources.

In all, 190 definitions are covered, from AB-57 to Albumen Prints, Biodeterioration, Coletta, Daguerreotype, Emulsion, Gilding, Liquid Chromatography, Pigment, Radiocarbon Analysis, Sepia Inks, Strappo, Tempera, Ultraviolet/Visible Spectrometry, Warping of Panels and X-ray Radiography, to name but a few.

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