Communication Models for the
Study of Mass Communications
2nd edition

By Sven Windahl
August 1993
Pearson Education
ISBN: 058203650X
240 pages
$87.50 Paper Original


Presents the main existing models of the mass communications process which have been developed during the last thirty years, providing brief descriptions of the most significant concepts and ideas in the study of mass communication, using graphic and verbal models.

1. Introduction. 2. Basic Models. 3. Personal Influence, Diffusion and Short-Term Effects of Mass Communication on Individuals. 4. Effects of Mass Communication on Culture and Society. 5. Audience-Centered Models. 6. Media Organization, Selection and Production. 7. Planned Communication. 8. New Media and The Information Society. 9. International Communication. Index.

Key models cover the following topics " processes of mass media on individuals society and culture " audience and media reception research " media organizations and their selection processes " planned media campaigns and public relations " new electronic media and the information society " international communications

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