When Pathways Cross
Tales of Some Gospel Bystanders

By Don Cormac
February 2002
The Book Guild Ltd.
ISBN: 1-85776-616-4
82 pages
$15.95 paperback


In all four Gospels there are men and women who we have come to know well by name. But there are others whose part in that story appears almost accidental-they simply happened to be there at the time. Here Don Cormac tries to identify these unnamed people and to express a little of what they may have felt as they found themselves, unasked and confused, in the greatest story ever recorded. If you were a waiter at the wedding where Jesus turned water into wine, what would your reaction be? How would you feel if you were caught up in the crowd following Jesus to the cross? Reading these stories will put you in their shoes.

About the author:
Don Cormac trained as an architect at Trinity College, Cambridge. He worked in private practice and then joined the National Westeminster Bank, retiring as the bank's Chief Architect in 1990. A committed Catholic, he was a Foundation Governor of St. Wilfrid's RC Secondary School in Crawley and is a regular member of the parish of Worth Abbey. His previous books are The Road From the Isles, A Place os Safety and The Adventures of Francis the Drake, a series of stories about a family of mallard ducks.

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