How to Influence & Persuade

By Jo Owen
December 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273776796
244 pages
$39.50 paper original

Everyone operating in business needs to understand how they should be using both influence and persuasion to make an impact, deliver outstanding results and really get ahead.

This brand new edition of How to Influence, is structured into three easy-to-access sections that will show you how to create willing allies across your organisation, turn potential crises into career defining opportunities, turn disagreement into consent, win key battles without fighting, push your agenda forward with authority, achieve more and stay in control.




Part 1: the ten pillars of influence

1. Whispers of influence: the persuasive conversation.

2. Active listening: two ears and one mouth

3. Earning the currency of influence: trust

4. Act the part

5. Win-win-win

6. Give to take

7. Play the right tune

8. The spider’s web: building incremental commitment

9. Build your platform

10. Turning dreams into reality

Part 2: influence in practice

11. Moments of truth

12. The myths and realities of influence




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