United States Civil War: Causes, Course & Effects, 1840-77

By Alan Farmer
June 2012
Hodder Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781444156508
268 Pages, Illustrated
$39.50 Paper original

This series has taken the clarity, accessibility, reliability and in-depth analysis of our best-selling Access to History series and tailor-made it for the History IB Diploma. Each title in the series supports a specific topic in the IB History guide through thorough content coverage and examination guidance - helping students develop a good knowledge and understanding of the required content alongside the skills they need to do well.

United States Civil War: causes, course and effects 1840-77 is an IB specific edition of Access to History: The American Civil War: Causes, Courses and Consequences 1803-1877. It has been revised to fully support the section of the same name in HL option 3: Aspects of the History of the Americas and includes:

- authoritative, clear and engaging narrative which combines depth of content with accessibility of approach
- up-to-date historiography with clear analysis and associated TOK activities
- guidance on answering exam-style questions with model answers and practice questions.

Table of Contents: 
1 What you will study
2 How you will be assessed
3 About this book
Chapter 1 The American Civil War
1 The success of the 'great experiment'
2 Civil war?
3 North versus South
4 Southern guilt?
Chapter 2 The cotton economy and slavery
1 The 'great experiment'
2 The peculiar institution
3 Key debate: Was slavery in the USA a system of ruthless exploitation or a paternalistic arrangement?
Examination advice and practice
Chapter 3 The origins of the Civil War
1 The problem of states' rights
2 Sectionalism
3 Key debate: Was slavery profitable?
Examination advice and practice
Chapter 4 The abolitionist debate
1 Militant abolitionism
2 Missouri, Texas and Mexico
3 The impact of the Mexican War 1846-50
4 The 1850 Compromise
Examination advice and practice
Chapter 5 The coming of war
1 The Kansas-Nebraska problem
2 The rise of the Republican Party
3 The presidency of James Buchanan
4 The 1860 election and secession
5 The outbreak of civil war
6 Key debate: Why did civil war break out in 1861?
Examination advice and practice
Chapter 6 Union versus Confederacy: the war 1861-5
1 Union and Confederate strengths
2 The nature of the war
3 The Confederate war effort
4 The Union war effort
5 Military leadership
Examination advice and practice
Chapter 7 The battles 1861-5
1 The situation in 1861-2
2 The war 1862-3
3 Union victory
4 Britain and the Civil War
5 Key debate: Did the Confederacy defeat itself or was it defeated?
Examination advice and practice
Chapter 8 Reconstruction
1 Emancipation
2 Lincoln and Reconstruction: 1861-5
3 Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction
4 Congressional Reconstruction 1866-8
5 Reconstruction in the South 1867-77
6 The impact of the Civil War
Examination advice and practice
Chapter 9 African Americans in the Civil War and the New South
1 The African American war effort
2 Reconstruction 1865-77
3 The South redeemed
4 Key debate: Was Reconstruction a tragic failure?
Examination advice and practice
Further reading
Internal assessment


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