Sociology, 5th ed.
Making Sense of Society

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Edited By Samantha Punch, et al.
December 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781408269541
864 Pages
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The fifth edition of Sociology: Making Sense of Society retains the highly praised four-part structure and style of the fourth edition, and through this explores the diversity, contradictions and challenges we face in our social world.

This essential and authoritative text lays the foundations for a theoretically and methodologically strong understanding of sociology. Key topics are then examined in an accessible but thorough way, encouraging reflection within a wide social, cultural and historical context. Fascinating topical examples from around the world help to contextualise and apply sociological thinking to our own lives.

Crucially, this text frequently asks you to consider your position in the world, drawing you into the debates and conveying the excitement of studying sociology.


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Part 1 Introduction to the sociological imagination

  1. Sociological Thinking
  2. Sociological Theories
  3. Sociological Research

Part 2 Introduction to Social Divisions

  1. Social Stratification and Class
  2. Gender
  3. ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Nationalism
  4. Age
  5. Disability
  6. Global Divisions

Part 3 Introduction to Understanding Social Life

  1. Environment
  2. Families and Relationships
  3. Work
  4. Health, Illness and the Body
  5. Crime and Punishment

Part 4 Introduction to Knowledge and Power

  1. Education
  2. Religion
  3. The Mass Media