Longman Companion to the
Middle East Since 1914
2nd edition

By Ritchie Ovendale
July 1998
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582315557
424 pages
$57.50 Paper original

First published in 1992 this Companion quickly established itself as an invaluable aid to all those studying the troubled history of the modern Middle East. Now thoroughly updated throughout, the book explores the emergence of the modern nation states of the Middle East; the foundation of Israel; the Suez crisis; the significance of oil; the Arab-Israeli wars and the peace process; the rise of revolutionary Islam; the Palestinian issue; the troubles of Lebanon; the Iran-Iraq War; the Gulf War and its aftermath.

Section I: Chronologies
1. The emergence of modern nation states in the Middle East.
2. The birth of the State of Israel.
3. The significance of oil.
4. Terrorism.
5. The Mossadeq crisis in Iran, 1950- 1954.
6. The rise of Nasser and the attempts to export his philosophy of revolution.
7. The Suez Crisis of 1956.
8. The Arab-Israeli wars and the peace process.
9. The rise of revolutionary Islam and the Khomeini revolution in Iran.
10. The Palestinian refugee issue and the uprising in the occupied territories.
11. War in Lebanon.
12. The Iran-Iraq War.
13. The Gulf War.

Section II: Biographies.
Section III: Pledges, treaties, alliances, settlements, reports, plans, and United Nations resolutions.
Section IV: Religions and sects.
Section V: Rulers, Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, political parties and movements.
Section VI: Glossary of terms.
Section VII: Topic Bibliography.
Section VIII: Economic and social statistics.
Section IX: Maps. Index. Maps.

" Thirteen annotated Chronologies of key topics and processes from the First World War to the Gulf War and beyond.
" Short Biographies of leading statesmen and other key figures.
" A concise Glossary of terms.
" A section on the Religions and sects of the region.
" Notes on Treaties, alliances, United Nations Resolutions etc.
" Lists of Rulers, ministers, political parties and movements.
" A Bibliographical essay, arranged by topic, which has been updated and expanded for the new edition.

'it...provides a glimpse of the mystery, history, politics, and culture of that much-misunderstood part of the world....this single volume is a valuable source on the middle east...'
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