Behind the Eyes of David

By John Fleminger
February 2002
The Book Guild Ltd.
ISBN: 1-85776-589-3
288 pages
$34.95 hardcover

The Biblical figure of David is one of the best known of the Old Testament: shepherd, boy warrior, fugitive, king, adulterer-his story has influenced the art, literature and popular culture of the western world. A chance encounter with Donatello's sculptural masterpiece in Florence was the catalyst for John Fleminger's extraordinary quest into the myths and legends which surround the icon David. From the Christian hijacking of this flawed and Jewish King, to more modern day heroes like James Bond, Robin Hood, and the Saint, the author examines what has made David such a potent sysmbol for so many disparate people.

Behind the Eyes of David will appeal to those interested in art, literature and biblical studies, as well as students of mythology and popular culture.

About the author:
After completing his medical degree at Trinity College, John Fleminger finished his medical education at hospitals in London. He was Physician in Psychological Medicine at Guy's Hospital for 30 years. Now retired, he lives with his wife in Dulwich Village, London and is currently working on a study of Hamlet.

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