The Republic: Plato
Philosophy in Focus

By Jeremy Hayward, et al.
February 2007
Hodder Murray
ISBN: 9780340888032
128 Pages, Illustrated, 6 ¾” x 9 ½”
$22.50 Paper Original

SThis book provides an accessible, readable, student-centered guide to Plato's Republic which is a set text for AQA AS Philosophy.

Through lucid explanation, careful use of modern examples and engaging activities it leads students towards deeper understanding of Plato's arguments and the wider philosophical implications of his ideas.

Key features include:
- a biographical introduction setting The Republic in its historical context
- a step-by-step guide through the text of The Republic including key quotes
- tasks and activities to stimulate thought and help readers understand and evaluate

Plato's philosophy
- a critical analysis of the philosophical implications of Plato's ideas
- end-of-chapter key point summaries covering what readers need to know to answer exam questions on The Republic
- an extensive glossary of key words and ideas
- thorough referencing to enable students to follow up key ideas and quotes in independent study

Table of Contents:

The series

Notes on the text


1 Background to Greek philosophy and Plato

2 An overview of Plato's Republic

3 Philosophers and sight lovers

4 Why philosophers should rule

5 The simile of the wild and dangerous animal

6 The simile of the sun

7 The simile of the line

8 The simile of the cave



Selected bibliography


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