Essential Guide to Secondary Teaching

By Susan Davies
August 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408224526
360 pages, Illustrated
$47.50Paper original

Part 1 School organisation

Chapter 1 The school as an organisation

Chapter 2 Organising pupils for learning

Part 2 Teaching and learning

Chapter 3 The National Curriculum

Chapter 4 Boys and girls are different!

Chapter 5 Poverty, ethnicity and pupil attainment

Chapter 6 Readability, reading ages and writing frames

Chapter 7 Personalised learning – every child matters

Chapter 8 Learning to teach and teaching to learn – planning lessons

Chapter 9 Storing data and organising lesson plans

Chapter 10 Using classroom supports to maximise pupils’ learning

Part 3 Behaviour management

Chapter 11 Behaviour – let’s start at the very beginning

Chapter 12 Behaviour management – teachers rule, OK!

Chapter 13 Promoting inclusion in our schools

Part 4 Assessment for learning

Chapter 14 Assessment for learning – marking for success

Chapter 15 Pupil data – what is it and how is it gathered?

Chapter 16 How schools use data to improve achievement

Chapter 17 Reporting to parents – best practice

Part 5 The pastoral programme and the curriculum

Chapter 18 The role of the form tutor and the pastoral team

Chapter 19 The PSHE curriculum in our schools

Chapter 20 Pupil induction and transition from Key Stage to Key Stage

Chapter 21 Attendance, child protection and anti-bullying strategies

Part 6 School improvement and continuing professional development

Chapter 22 School inspections – what makes a good school?

Chapter 23 Applying for a job, preparing a lesson and the interview

Chapter 24 Continuing professional development




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