Mac Computing for the Over 50s

By Joli Ballew
March 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273761082
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
216 pages, Illustrated
$37.50 Paper Original

Top 10 Mac Tips

1 Get to know your Mac

· Explore the Menu bar

· Explore the Apple menu

· Start an application

· Explore the Dashboard

2 Customise your Mac

· Change the desktop background

· Explore Appearance options

· Configure Dashboard icons

· Install hardware

3 Work with windows, files and folders

· Open a file from the Finder

· Create and name a folder or subfolder

· Save data to a folder

· Copy or move a file

4Explore applications

· View all applications

· Write and print a letter with TextEdit

· Explore the iTunes Store

· Make a video call with FaceTime

5Connect to and use networks

· Connect to a private network wirelessly

· Connect to a private network with Ethernet

· Connect to a computer on the network

· Connect to a public network wirelessly

6 Surf the Web with Safari

· Explore the Safari interface

· Surf the Internet

· Use Safari Reader

· Stay safe on the Web

7Use Mail, iCal and Address Book

· Set up an email account in Mail

· Reply to and forward email

· Compose an email and attach a file

· Create an event in iCal

8Upload, view and manage pictures

· Explore the Pictures folder

· Copy pictures from a camera or camera card

· Copy pictures from a networked computer

· Open iPhoto and import pictures

9Play, manage and obtain media

· Update and explore iTunes

· Listen to the radio

· Play a music CD

· Play a movie on DVD

10. Secure and maintain Your Mac

· Enable the firewall

· Install an anti-virus program

· Configure security settings

· Set parental controls

11Use and configure assistive technologies

· Learn how to use VoiceOver

· Enable and use Zoom

· Make the keyboard easier to use

· Give voice commands to your Mac

Top 10 Mac Problems Solved


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