Pocket Guide to Wild Food

By Paul Peacock
September 2008
Good Life Press
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781904871262
152 pages, Illustrated.
$25.00 paper original

This handy sized reference book, ideal for popping in your pocket prior toa walk, helps you identify the most common wild food showing what plant is at its peak for picking, which mushrooms can be gathered where and when or which berries are ideal for perserving in a jam or jelly.

With sections examining faurna, flora and fungi the book encourages you to go forth and forage with sections detailing woodland, health and hill, the seashore and the riverbank making it an essential walking companion for the novice forager keen to take advantage of nature's free larder.

Accompanied by recipes, photographs and illustrations this book is an ideal introduction for every budding forager.

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