Essentials of Economics, 6th edition

By John Sloman & Dean Garratt
July 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications 
ISBN: 9780273783794
420 Pages, Illustrated
$99.50 Paper original

Essentials of Economics, is the market leading concise text in introductory economics. Its classic features and clear and engaging writing style are complemented by strong theoretical coverage and a wealth of pedagogical features to support learning.



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Publisher's acknowledgements

Part A Introduction

1 Economic issues

Part B Microeconomics

2 Markets, demand and supply

3 Markets in action

4 The supply decision

5 Market structures

6 Wages and the distribution of income

7 Market failures and government policy

Part C Macroeconomics

8 Aggregate demand and the national economy

9 Aggregate supply and economic growth

10 Banking, money and interest rates

11 Inflation and unemployment

12 Macroeconomic policy

Part D International economics

13 Globalisation and international trade

14 Balance of payments and exchange rates

Web appendix

Key ideas and glossary


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