2nd European Edition

By Neil R. Carlson, et al.
December 2003
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-13-035911-4
944 Pages, Illustrated
$89.50 paper original

"I very much hope that you will learn a lot about psychology from the second edition of Psychology. I also hope that you enjoy what you learn and that the book will take you to places you had not thought of exploring. This is the beauty of psychology. Opening one door will lead to you to several others."
---G. Neil Martin, introducing the second edition of this highly successful introductory psychology text.

You will not find a better textbook package- it includes a lively text, a Companion Web Site, as well as a wealth of lecture resources. Psychology is a comprehensive and superbly written text- it engages, it informs, it facilitates debate, and it combines the best of design and pedagogy with sound European rigor. Psychology covers in depth and in lively and critical fashion all the major aspects of 1st year undergraduate psychology courses.

The authors emphasize how the various sub-disciplines in psychology are interrelated. Importantly, the text covers not only new and important research but also the application of that research to real-life problems and situations, giving the book a genuine 'real world' approach to the subject. Psychology contains a wealth of features to help you engage with the material and appreciate the many fascinating areas of enquiry within the field.

New to This Edition: Cutting Edge - (in each chapter) describing novel and/or important research in psychology. Controversies in Psychological Science and Psychology in Action - (in each chapter) highlights controversial findings and looks at how research is applied in psychology. A rich mixture of up-to-date international research and European examples with over 580 new references added. A new chapter on Social Psychology.

Significantly expanded chapters on Developmental Psychology, and Memory. Expanded text throughout-- over 80 sections updated and over 50 new sections added. Updated further reading lists and journal recommendations for each chapter plus new website recommendations. Questions to think about and Chapter reviews (in each chapter).

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