You Can Be Happy
The Scientifically Proven Way to Change How You Feel

By Daniel Freeman & Jason Freeman
May 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273763901
158 pages
$34.50 Paper Original

Then here's the good news: you have much more control over your happiness than you probably think. And in this book you'll discover the often simple but easily overlooked steps you can take to reclaim more of those good feelings.

What's more every single suggested action in this book has been scientifically proven to have a positive and lasting effect on happiness. There's no hype here just plenty of real hope. Better still, there's no need for radical life change and no complicated program to follow. Instead, you'll find a raft of small and simple steps that will over time add up to a life with more pleasure and meaning - and with fewer negative emotions dragging you down. Nobody else can make you happy. But you can. Here's all the help you need.




Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Committing to happiness

Chapter 3: Getting the basics in place: improving your diet and sleep

Chapter 4: Activities for happiness

Chapter 5: Calming negative thoughts

Chapter 6: Increasing positive thoughts

Chapter 7: Relaxing your body and mind

Chapter 8: Relationships

Chapter 9: Happiness at work

Chapter 10: Underlying problems: common psychological issues that fuel unhappiness

Chapter 11: Becoming happier – and staying happier



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