Delight of Reading

By Simon Spiero
March 2012
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846246685
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
368 pages
$32.95 Hardcover

Looking for something to read but not sure where to start? Why not escape into a swashbuckling adventure tale of sword fights and high intrigue in revolutionary France? Or perhaps you could delve into a murky Victorian mystery set on the menace-filled moors? Or even let fly with a space opera in which the fates of genetically modified humans and sentient spaceships play out on an interplanetary stage? In this lovingly written guide to his favourite books, a grandfather shares his delight of reading, bringing together such greats as Homer, Agatha Christie, Stephen King and many more, giving a tantalising taster of their work to whet your appetite. Whether you fancy getting stuck into the classics, burning the midnight oil with a gripping detective story or opening your mind to unlimited possibilities with science fiction, this literary treasure trove has it all in store. Spanning a range of 3,000 years, from ancient Greek times to futuristic civilisations, and covering over 50 books and plays, this guide will lead you into the realm of imagination and leave you itching to start your next big read.


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