Introduction to Information Technology Law
6th edition

By David I. Bainbridge
September 2007
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publication
ISBN: 9781405846660
720 pages, Illustrated, 7 1/2 x 9 3/4"
$97.50 paper original

Now in its sixth edition, Introduction to Information Technology Law (formerly Introduction to Computer Law), provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the law as it relates to computers. 
Adopting a practical approach that places the law in the context of computer use, this book is highly suitable for undergraduate law students, non-specialist students and computer professionals.


Table of cases
Table of legislation
Glossary of computer and legal terms
Civil procedure terminology

  1. Introduction to Information Technology Law

Part One: Information Technology and Intellectual Property
2.Overview of Intellectual Property Rights
3.Basic principles of copyright
4.Copyright and computer programs 
5. Database copyright and the database right 
6.Computer-generated works
7.Copyright in the information society
8. The law of confidence
9. Patent Law
10.Design Law
11. Trademarks, passing off and malicious falsehood 
12. Criminal offences and intellectual property
Part Two: Information Technology Contracts
13. Fundamentals of information technology contracts
14. Liability for defective hardware or software
15. Contracts for writing software
16. License agreements for ready-made software
17. Open source software licenses
18. Website development contracts
19. Outstanding contracts
20. Hardware contracts
Part Three: Electronic Contracts and Torts
21. Nature, content and formation of electronic contracts
22. Performance of electronic contracts and evidential aspects
23. Torts related to electronic information
24. Liability of information society service providers for illegal material
Part Four: Information and Communications Technology Crime
25. Information and communications technology fraud
26. Unauthorized access to computer material
27. Unauthorized modification of computer programs or data
28. Computer pornography and harassment
29.Computer evidence and forensics
Part Five: Data Protection and Freedom of Information
30. Data protection, the principles, definitions and Information Commissioner
31. Data controllers and the Data Protection Act 1998
32. Data subjects' rights
33. Freedom of information
34. Privacy and electronic communications
Part Six: Professional, Ethical and Social Issues of Information Technology
35. The computer professional
36. Privacy and freedom of expression

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