Electromechanical Building Blocks for the Model Engineer

By Pat Addy
November 2006
Special Interest Model Books
ISBN: 185486243X
187 pages, Illustrated, 7 ½ x 9 ¼"
$38.50 Paper Original

An explanation of the theoretical and practical details of electronic circuts, enabling the model engineer to control machinary. This text is aimed at helping model engineers to build their own control units using a modular (or "building block") approach.

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Basic Electromagnetic Theory
Chapter 3. Stepper Motor Drive
Chapter 4. DC Motor Drive
Chapter 5. The Servo System
Chapter 6. Relays
Chapter 7. Solenoids & Related Devices
Chapter 8. Other Electromagnetic Devices
Chapter 9. Interference Suppression
Chapter 10. Heatsinks
Chapter 11. Fuses & Circuit Breakers
Chapter 12. Inputs
Chapter 13. Light Emitting Diodes
Chapter 14. Speed Measurement in the Workshop
Chapter 15. Power Supplies & Regulators
Chapter 16. Power Supplies from Batteries
Chapter 17. NVRs & Interlocks
Chapter 18. Ancillary Test & Driver Modules
Chapter 19. Basic Electronic Building Blocks
Chapter 20. Practical & Cost Effective Building
Chapter 21. Etching Processes
Chapter 22. Using Stripboard for Prototypes
Chapter 23. Pin Outs & Specifications
Chapter 24. Information Sources


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