Conflict, People & Power: Medieval Britain 1066-1500
Hodder History

By Martyn Whittock
August 2000
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340730454
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
70 pages, Illustrated
$32.50 Paper original

This is an exciting Key Stage 3 resource for teaching and learning about the issues and events that characterise medieval Britain. It never lets go of the period's story, providing opportunities to examine the big picture and investigate particular topics. For instance, did you know who made sword belts out of the skin of an English treasurer, that anyone who could read Psalm 51 at the time was likely to avoid the hangman's noose, or why a 14th-century Londoner ended up drowning in his own cess pit?

Table of Contents:
1. The Norman Conquest
2. After the Conquest - Keeping Control
3. The Changing Power of the King
4. The Impace of Christianity
5. Living in the Country
6. Towns in the Middle Ages
7. Health and Medicine in the Middle Ages
8. Medieval Realms
9. War and Society
10. Where Have We Been? Where Do We Go From Here?



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