Testament of Barabbas
A Novel

By Derek Honey
July 2001
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1-85776-630X
268 pages
$20.00 paper original

In 1978 the sudden and unexpected death of Pope John Paul I was announced. Unknown to many, another event took place that day, when a secret first-century manuscript that could rock the foundations of the Catholic Church went missing from the papal quarters. Some years later, the manuscript reappears in Oxford, in the hands of academic Dr. Carl Gervase, who for better or worse decides to involve novelist and journalist Colin Chapple in a plan to publish it. What follows is to turn from excitement to nightmare, as the forces of the Church, the Mafia and the KGB draw together to murder and kidnap as they battle to retrieve the manuscript. Colin and his wife Elizabeth are to regret the day they first set eyes on the Testament of Barabbas.

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